Foamboard installation

Client: Coca-Cola

Foamboard is a styrofoam board, also known as a pearl board. It is a lightweight, durable and versatile material with many advertised benefits.

Why advertise with foamboard?

- Lightweight and easy to carry: Foam board is a lightweight material, easy to carry and carry, and can be easily displayed and moved in different places.

- EASY TO MAKE AND CUSTOMIZE: Foamboard can be easily cut and scribbled on.

- Affordable price: Compared to other promotional materials, the price of foamboard is relatively low. This makes it ideal for campaigns with a limited budget.

- Strong Durability: Foamboard can resist minor damage and wear in daily use, and can maintain the stability of appearance for a long time, which can be used repeatedly.

- Wide range of applications: Foamboard can be used in presentations, conferences, exhibitions, promotions, educational occasions and more. Its versatility makes it ideal for a variety of promotional and display needs.

How to use foamboard to arrange publicity?

Here are a few elements to consider to make your Foamboard pitch more engaging:

- Creative Design: Design Foamboard promotional materials using attractive images, colors and typography.

- Clear and concise message: On Foamboard, convey a clear and specific message.

- Captivating Headline: A funny, catchy, or impactful headline can get people to stop and read more about your pitch.

- Use pictures and visuals: Pictures and visuals can catch the eye and generate interest. .

- Interactive Elements: Adding some interactive elements on Foamboard can attract people's participation and attention. For example, include a QR code on promotional materials for people to scan for more information or to participate in interactive activities.

- Special Effects: Consider using special effects on Foamboard to draw attention, such as raised text or images, lighting effects, or decorative elements.

- Positioning and Display: Place Foamboard promotional materials in high-traffic locations, such as store entrances, main aisles of exhibitions, or areas that people frequently pass by. Make sure it's in people's sights, and use a stand or display stand to make it stand out even more.

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Foamboard styrofoam board, also known as pearl board, is suitable for: short-term advertising materials, publicity corporate cards, exhibition background panels, wedding decorations, human corporate cards, scene and stage layouts, photo props, lucky draw boxes, etc. ·

Welcome to buy other exhibition supplies together and quote immediately

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