Outdoor wall stickers

Outdoor wall stickers can easily achieve the 

effect of publicity, and at the same time can 

be beautiful. Turn into a wall. Wall stickers 

are more durable than banners, so you don't 

have to worry about uneven surfaces. The 

tank or connection bit is damaged. 

Expo King can customize according to 

customer requirements customized outdoor 

wall stickers.

Why use external wall stickers for publicity?

- Huge exposure: Outdoor wall stickers can 

be advertised in public spaces attract a lot 

of attention, especially in high-traffic areas,

for instance busy streets, business districts, 

or important traffic routes.

- Create visual impact: Large posters or 

promotional images can shock and attract 

people's attention.

- Long-term effects: posters can usually 

stay in place for a while period of time, 

so announcements can be made for weeks 

or months transmission effect.

- Persistence and visibility: Wall sticker 

ads are not affected by TV ads. Time-limited 

playback or click-through rate limits for online 

ads, so it can enough to continuously display 

your information to passing pedestrians 

and vehicles.

- Lower cost: compared to some other 

traditional advertising forms the cost of 

wall paper promotion is relatively low.

- High degree of creativity and design 

freedom: outdoor wall stickers provide 

wealth of creative and design freedom. 

You can choose different stickers in sizes, 

shapes and textures to accommodate a 

variety of buildingsstructure and appearance.

How to use outdoor wall stickers to promote?

- Choose the right venue: Choose a venue that 

appeals to your target audience place. This 

may include business districts, community 

centers or large event venue etc.

- Design engaging promotional content: use 

clear graphics, vibrant colors and clean text 

ensure your designs enough to convey 

a clear message.

- Highlight important information: Use large 

font or color to emphasize off key words or 

slogans to increase the readability and 

memory of information.

Welcome to buy other exhibition supplies 

together and make a quotation immediately.

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