Movable Partition / Folding Wall Flexi

Movable Partition / Folding Wall Flexi

Movable Partition , solid or glass, framed or frameless, 

single or double-glazed partitions, electronically controlled dimming glass, 

movable or semi-automatic partitions, easy to quickly divide the space, 

high coefficient of sound insulation. 

The soundproof movable screen does not require floor rails 

and slides with a patented sliding system.

 Once positioned, the interlocking system forms a solid structure

 that provides all the properties, 

sound insulation and appearance of a permanent wall.

Robust soundproof movable screens make it easy to quickly

 and easily re-plan spaces in under a minute.



 Community Projects, Industrial Buildings,

 Offices, Hotels, Churches, Shopping Malls, Restaurants,

 Conference and Leisure Centers

Limitless choice of surfaces:

 Plastic Laminate, Fabric, Glass, PET Acoustic Panel, Whiteboard...



- Acousticup to 50 dB

- Limitless Design Possibility

- Full Privacy Options

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